Our Campus

The Tulsa campus of Millennial Christian Training College (MCTC) is located in the Living Rivers Millennial Church facilities (Mtulsa.com). Born from the vision of Dr. Paul Brady, the college plays an integral role in the Bradys’ overall mission in the United States.

The Lord told Dr. Brady, “Create a hub for My Spirit to move.” Facilitating this vision required a place of teaching, equipping, and — most importantly — of activation!

“Some things are not taught, but must rather be caught!” — Dr. Brady

We have plenty of room to grow and facilitate the plan of God!

Millennial is a place of revelation, healing, deliverance, miracles, breakthrough, refreshment, and activation! Dr. Brady releases powerful prophetic words of encouragement and life every time we meet. And at the heart of all we do is prayer! We believe that prayer is an invaluable, irreplaceable work of the Spirit — that we were made to work with the Lord and His Word in prayer to see His best manifested on the earth.

We are confident that your participation in both Millennial and MCTC will usher you into a season of continual revelation and awareness of the Holy Spirit’s abiding presence.

Please feel free to visit us — and consider being a part of this spiritual hub where God is moving by His Spirit!

Although we don’t currently offer housing, there are plenty of apartment complexes and homes for rent near the MTulsa campus. If you would like to receive a list of such places, it is available upon request.

Tulsa is a vibrant city with a rich spiritual heritage! Several “fathers of the faith” — including Oral Roberts, T. L. Osborn, and Kenneth E. Hagin — were led by God to establish their home bases in Tulsa. We believe in the spiritual wells that these ministries and many others have dug in this wonderful city! We stand on the prophetic words released over Tulsa and believe that this city’s best days are still ahead of her!

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